Subauthor GTA 5 APK v6.0.9 (Stay Updated) Download 2023

Subauthor GTA 5 APK v6.0.9 (Stay Updated) Download 2023

Sunauthor GTA 5 APK (Beta) – Engage in epic duels against other criminals, show off stunning stunts in adrenaline-fueled races, and be a king of your own criminal world. 


App Name Subauthor GTA 5
Publisher MODTREKS
Genre Action
Latest Version 6.0.9
Mod Feature Beta
Size 443MB
Update September 15, 2023

Subauthor GTA 5 Apk lets you take the role of a gangster in a populated city Los Santos and complete adventure-filled missions to get fame in the underworld. Get rare views from a vast land with impressive 3D graphics and an epic storyline.

Subauthor GTA 5 Apk: Introduction

Imagine yourself being a crime master of an underworld gang; that might be a fascinating experience. There are several action-filled games in the industry, but no one can ever reach the highest-level craze of GTA. Since the beginning, it’s been one of the most adventurous games, admired by millions and billions of fans. Its ever-evolving journey is still on fire, and it’s continued to deliver more enhanced player features.
Subauthor GTA 5 Apk lets you plunge into a daring world in a dynamic crime world. Here you’ll face off or collaborate with dangerous robbers. Indulge in criminal activities, prepare your own gang, and rob and murder people to become more notorious in the game. Enjoy dancing at bar clubs with beauties, have fun at parties, and hang out with buddies.


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Thrilling Gameplay

Action-filled gameplay delivers breathtaking scenes from the intense battling arenas as you confront various gangs to dominate the underworld. Adventurous challenges will always put you in dangerous circumstances that you must face with courage and strategy. An impressive atmosphere makes your experience more realistic and delivers special interacting effects. Witness iconic scenes of a 3D world from a third-person perspective.
Enjoy driving plenty of supersonic vehicles, dodge police, and complete various missions. Snatch and rob money and cars from the inhabitants of the city. Also, you can have fun while swimming across the river or flying in a military helicopter. Explore the vast town, and enjoy its insane beauty and texture quality.

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Key Features

Engaging Tale

The game features a fascinating tale of a street hustler in a ruthless city that’s rebelled against the state and lawless agencies. With taking charge against street gangsters and government officials, he’ll embark on several missions. So, the ultimate aim is to rule the criminal world and collect wealth through chaotic activities. You’ll engage in a series of combative missions to accomplish your objective. Lead your crew, plan strategically, and slay your adversaries.

beta version of subauthor gta 5 apk

Multiplayer Contests

GTA 5 lets you collaborate with your real-time mates to erect a gangster squad. Engage in various sorts of criminal activities with your boys. Slay police officers and members of other gangs. Dominate the underworld and be the real boss. Equip your men with advanced equipment and lots of money so they remain loyal to you.

An Endless World

The game’s environment is set in an open world with epic locations, beaches, long roads, and clubs. Attractive elements make it enjoyable to play without endless hours of entertainment. Wander freely in the streets, witness intense scenes from a third-person camera view, and observe the environment closely. Also, slay civilians and robbers, get their money, and take their cars. Ride in the car and get to new locations in the city.

Variety of Vehicles and Weapons

GTA 5 has continued the legacy of delivering quality content with improvements and extensions in every version it released. Get a ride on branded car with an immersive interior and fast-paced. Vehicle performance has improved, and now you can enjoy a more inspiring ride on your favorite vehicle. Kick-start your criminal enterprise by equipping your gangster with lethal weapons so they can cause massive destruction around the crook’s circle.

Choose your Career

Select your career to start your journey. You could be a Gunrunner, Executive, Nightclub owner, or Biker. Be the one whom you want to be and start your mission. After getting into your desired role, you can get lovely costumes and lead a different lifestyle.

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Wrap Up

Download the latest Subauthor GTA 5 Apk that introduces another level of craze in this GTA world. Adding more interactive features and improved graphics has made it more compelling. Explore America’s biggest city virtually, drive fast in the streets, have hell fun with mates in dance bars, and chase down criminals to loot money and resources. Enjoy high-paced races, activities, and car meetups.

Download the latest Subauthor GTA 5 Apk

Follow some steps to get this epic game.
1: Uninstall the previous version of this simulation.
2: Download the latest Apk of Subauthor GTA 5 on Android or IOS.
3: If a warning message appears on the mobile screen > Go to Phone Settings> Security Option >Allow all unknown files or files from Third Party Sources.
4: After getting the Apk file, install it and enjoy.


Q: Is this apk of GTA 5 available for free?
Yes, you can get it without investing any money.
Q: Can we unlock all the missions in this hack?
Yes, you can unlock all missions.

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